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Assurance & Accounting

Assurance & Accounting

We provide professional accounting services including the preparation of audited and non-audited financial statements, value added analysis and future oriented financial information. Through our direct approach and proactive recommendations, we strive to give you a deeper understanding of your business’s performance and risk.

Audit engagements

An auditor's report on your financial statements is the highest level of independent, professional assurance that you can receive on your financial statements.  Audited financial statements are the accepted means by which business report to creditors, shareholders and other stakeholders.

Review engagements

Not as comprehensive in scope as an audit, a Review Engagement provides users with a reduced level of assurance, as to the reliability of your financial statements.  Reviews provide a limited assurance that the financial statements conform to IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) or ASPE (Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises).  They are generally appropriate for owner-managed businesses, reporting to creditors or other stakeholders.

In addition, the information obtained from an assurance engagement to provide companies and not-for-profit organizations with insight and analysis.  Our assurance professionals can provide information on potential areas of risk, assistance with improving controls and managing expenses.

Compilation engagements

Compilation engagement financial statements are the most common form of financial statements we prepare.  These statements are used to meet compliance requirements, assist with tax planning and help business owners gain insights into their businesses.

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